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This is the third issue of the annual Milwaukee anarchist and anti-authoritarian periodical called TOTAL DESTROY.

You can download it here:

"Introduction: Something flammable, something to be broken down, made into weapons, turned into resources and shared.

 December 6th: Greek police shot and killed 15-year-old anarchist Alexandros Girgoropoulos in the Exarchia district of Athens. In minutes word of his death had spread throughout Greece. Within hours Athens was, quiet literally, on fire. Soon thereafter, concrete was torn up and smoke reached for the sky in all the metropolises, and from spaces in between. The metropolis was no longer merely an apparatus of control, it was something flammable, something to be broken down, made into weapons, turned into resources and shared. His death was a call to war; one not justified because of a new revelation of horror in police misconduct, but in the way it made blatant the precarity of those who willfully find themselves in conflict with the conditions of state and capital. What conflict had become ritual and normalized in Greece over the last years exceeded its boundaries. The unrest sustained for seventeen days, finding power in the generalization of conflict through the spread of autonomous occupied spaces and a re-territorialization of geographies hostile to the police.

Some indefinite, yet recent time before these events, a woman crashed her car in Exarchia and wanted to file a police report. She called the police, but because of where she was, they simply refused to come. She pleaded a compromise offering to move her car just a block away slightly outside of the border of the neighborhood. After much haggling, with resignation the police officers finally agreed. She moved her car and soon the police arrived. As the car doors opened and they stepped out, two masked individuals appeared and beat the officers unconscious.

Police do not come to Exarchia “the anarchist stronghold” without pains of knowing the reality of this war; of stepping into a territory that has entered into resistance. They walk these streets nervously only with overwhelming displays of force expecting at the very least to be lit on fire. Residents of Exarchia, from senior citizens to families, throw their hatreds at the police, spit in their faces, and openly refuse cooperation, forming a geography of hostility.

Significance lies here in viewing these events not as a static model. Rather it is in pursuing questions relating to the creation of autonomy through the production of territories in which control as a totality is less total, where a commune as a network of anti-capitalist anti-state forms proliferate through which the metropolis becomes something flammable, something to be broken down, made into weapons, turned into resources and shared. We can become our own riot porn production machine, but this is less important than “creating the conditions where an offensive can sustain itself without fading, of establishing the material solidarities that allow us to hold on.”

The word of this issue of TOTAL DESTROY is crime, its collective generalization, laws relation to it, morality and social deviance, our friends’ relation to what the state deems crime (update on the RNC felony cases of Dave, Karen and Christina), transcending legality and illegality, and some crimes committed over the last year in the Milwaukee area, as well as a few guttural howls for the real state of exception."


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