A Breakaway March Inside my Pants! (crudocrust) wrote in insurr_anarch,
A Breakaway March Inside my Pants!

False Hope vs. Real Change Newspaper

Has anyone had a chance to read this yet? It's the newspaper that Unconventional Action put out, generally a critique of electoral politics and introduces anarchism in general.

In general I liked it, but I was wondering if anyone else was kind of put off by some of the suggestions for "things to do" to counter what is going on, which included stuff like forming a Food Not Bombs group or setting up a Critical Mass. It just seemed to be more of the same, as opposed to perhaps what a larger majority of the population might be into.

Here's a link: http://hackasheville.com/nornc/uaftp/downloads/falsehopevsrealchangespreads.pdf

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