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insurr_anarch's Journal

Insurrectionary Anarchists
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Self-organized assualt on the social order; for a revolutionary movement without constraints.
Insurrectionary anarchists believe in social revolution. Meaning, the total transformation of this world into a new one; based upon the destruction of current modes of production and social relationships and new ones that will be based upon solidarity, mutual aid, cooperation, equality, and horizontality.

Like most anarchists, insurrectionary anarchists do not believe that the State and Capital will disappear or whither away. The social force of Capital has to be confronted, attacked, and destroyed. Organizing ourselves for this attack; organizing ourselves to create a revolutionary movement that can carry out this attack; is the best way to bring about the future society. We will not replace Capital with vegan co-op stores and Food Not Bombs collectives. We have to create a broad resistance movement that confronts, suppresses, and totally destroys the fabric of class society over all our lives.

Insurrectionary anarchism is not an ideological position based in 'red' or 'green' anarchism - or in tendencies within anti-state communism. It is a process of organizing ourselves to attack the social order while creating space to live our lives in a truly liberated world.

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